After-summer detox recipes

Summer and vacation time are full of excesses, eating out and eating at odd hours. Therefore, when we return to the routine it is important to resume our healthy eating habits and it is convenient to purify the body to eliminate toxins that we have acquired during the vacation time. In this post we are going to present you some ideas of detox recipes for after the summer. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Do you know the detox concept?

Lately this concept is very widespread and we are all familiar with it, but do we really know what it means? The term detox refers to a process in which someone abstains or eliminates toxic or unhealthy substances from their body’ (Oxford Dictionary).

When is it appropriate to follow a detox diet? Mainly, after living periods of excesses such as vacation, parties, celebrations etc.. At these times we tend to increase the consumption of less healthy foods and sugars. Detox recipes will help our body to eliminate what it does not need, in addition to these toxicities acquired and accumulated in the body during a period of uncontrolled diets.

Does following a detox diet mean eating only smoothies? It doesn’t have to! Detox diets based on purifying juices have expanded in recent years, but even so, to follow them we recommend that you go to a nutrition expert and get information beforehand. You should know that to purify the body there is not only this option, there are also different detox recipes that are composed of purifying ingredients such as fruits, vegetables or cereals. Thanks to the contribution of vitamins and natural antioxidants also get good results.

Here are some ideas to prepare purifying and healthy dishes!

Ideas for detox recipes

Vegetables and fruits in general are usually highly antioxidant foods. In addition to their cleansing qualities, their consumption brings great benefits to the body. Salads, vegetable or fruit-based dishes or vegetable creams are always a good option within a healthy and light diet.

Vegetable stew

In this case, we have prepared a vegetable stew based on seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower, beans, artichokes and carrots. In addition, we add a differential touch from our star ingredient: Iberian ham 

Artichokes with Jamón

Artichokes with jamón is one of the most classic dishes of our gastronomy and meets the requirements of a purifying recipe. The dish is based on an ingredient of vegetable origin such as the artichoke, in combination with jamón in the form of shavings, which gives it an intense flavor and perfectly complements the unique taste of this vegetable.


Melon brochette with Jamón

Fruits are also highly depurative ingredients, so finding fruit-based dishes can fit perfectly within a detox diet proposal. This melon and jamón brochette is an example of this, you will love it!

Vegetable creams

Vegetable creams are also a very good option. On the one hand, we present you our asparagus cream. Asparagus is a vegetable with low caloric intake, which acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system thanks to vitamin C and E and is considered a diuretic food that helps reduce fluid retention, it is also a source of minerals such as potassium or phosphorus.

And on the other hand, we have pumpkin cream. Pumpkin is one of the most used products at this time of the year in our kitchen, and it brings a sweet and flavored taste to each recipe. In addition, it is very rich in vitamin B.