Buy Jamón for Christmas, Which one is better for you?

Buying Jamón at Christmas is a classic in Spain. These holidays are not the same if there is not a piece of Jamón at home or at least a good plate of cured meats. At Christmas, in addition to the own purchases. it is also the time of gifts, so, if you plan to give ham, in Enrique Tomás we give you the best options to surprise your loved ones. We will make buying Iberian ham give you the same pleasure as eating it… or at least we will try!

Which is the best Jamón?

When it comes to making a gift we always want the best, but if the gift in question is jamón, which is the best? In Enrique Tomás we have a saying that the best is not the most expensive, but the one you like the most. Faithful to our principles, our first recommendation is that you give what you like the most, let yourself be carried away by your instinct and share the flavour you are most passionate about. If, on the other hand, you don’t know much about it or you like them all, here are some details to keep in mind when buying jamón at Christmas:


Here we explain in video if the good ham has to be expensive


Ham (-Jamón) or Paleta (-Ham shoulder)

Ham or ham shoulder? There are those who prefer one more than the other, but what you should know is that both are of the highest quality. In terms of their differences, the size, taste and ease of cutting stand out. The ham is bigger than the ham shoulder, while the latter tends to have a more intense flavor because the meat is closer to the bone. As for the ease of cutting, the ham is easier to handle because of the greater amount of meat and less bone.



Jamón according to quality

The jamón has a main division that depends on the breed of pig which comes from. We have the Serrano Ham, or not Iberian, from white pigs and the famous Iberian Ham, from pigs of the Iberian breed with different percentages of purity. Within the Iberian we have several qualities:

Iberico Shoulder

Iberico Ham

Acorn-fed Iberico Ham

Premium Iberico Acorn-fed Ham 

Each of these qualities can be identified with colored flanges that guarantee their quality and where the food that has received the pig in question is specified and the percentage of purity of breed. Which is the best? We musta insist again, the one you like the most!

For us, Jamón de Bellota is the best, the ability of Iberian pigs to infiltrate intramuscular fat along with feeding acorns gives their meat an incomparable flavor and texture. Without a doubt, a product of the highest quality, symbol of Spanish gastronomy.

Jamón by Format

The choice of format depends on who the gift is aimed at, as it will never be the same to entertain someone with a whole piece of ham than with a delicate and elegant tasting pack, for example. In Enrique Tomás you will find jamón in all formats, so don’t hesitate to get the one that best suits your needs, sachets, pieces and packs.

The best gifts for Christmas with Iberian Jamón

Buying ham at Christmas should not become an obligatory task and you should enjoy it with the best products of Enrique Tomás. Our shops are made to enjoy jamón and if you, like us, are passionate about jamón, here you will find everything you need, for yourself and for others in this holiday season:

Tasting of Bellota (acorn) 100% Iberian Ham

A pack that will allow you to discover why 100% Iberian or Pata Negra ham is so famous. Check the exclusive flavour nuance of each origin with this fantastic tasting pack. A gift that everyone will appreciate.

Tasting “Flavors of…”

Each origin of the Jamón has an indisputable seal of flavor: mild or smooth, aromatic, tasty, intense. With these packs you will be able to discover this quality in all the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed -Bellota products: Jamón, Chorizo, Salchichón and Lomo. Surprise someone special with the flavors of your taste.



Christmas hampers with the best Iberian ham

Perfect for business gifts or a family gift. In Enrique Tomás’ Christmas lots with jamón you will find different options with the best Iberian products and Gran Reserva.

Buying ham at Christmas will be an adventure with so many options, don’t forget to always visit your trusted store and let yourself be advised by your instinct and by those who know more. A recommendation just plan it in time!